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Coming from Ukraine (Kiev Oblast), land of fascinating stories and legends, ancient castles and fortifications is PROFET AETERNUS. This devastating old-school death metal band contacted this side of the world to inform us about their existence and tell their history.

1 - First of all, we want to thank you for taking the time to answer our questions! Can you tell us when AETERNUS PROPHET was founded and how were the line-up changes until today? 

Hello! We created our group in 2010, I am Dessident (drummer) and Oberon (guitarist), we were friends at school and exchanged tapes of various metal groups, after school in our student years . our group consisted of many participants members, from different cities of Ukraine, and from our city, but at the moment we have the following composition - Abaddon - vocals, Veren - back vocals, Oberon - guitars, and Dessident - drums. 

2 - "Exclusion of non-nominated material" released in 2016 was his last full-length and second. How did you see the reception by the underground hordes? 

The album was well received, many metal magazines from Europe wrote good reviews for this album, this album received good reviews and ratings - but still we thought that more magazines would write about us than the reviews were written. 

3 - When can we expect a new AETERNUS PROPHET album?

We plan to release the third studio album in 2020, but we still won’t say it since we haven’t written enough material yet, but some of the songs are ready, it will be a killer mix of doom metal black death metal. For this, the guitarist wrote very dark and minor parts and riffs.



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4 - "Exclusion of non-nominated material" was released in CD format, you have plan to release it in vinyl  format in the future? 

Maybe this will be done if have  no problems with the reissue, and our Ukrainian label, as we will not maintain any good relations with him. We can’t say for sure yet. 

5 - The death metal between the debut album "Ruthlessness" (2011) and "Exclusion ..." is still brutal, but the last one has a plus of aggressiveness and a better evolution. Is it a consequence of being a trio now?

Yes, both albums are quite cruel in their sound, but we wrote the first album and were not very experienced musicians, this album can be called as an amateur psychosis, hehe, the second album we approached the recording more professionally and changed the studio, we recorded album at the studio Verkhushka Sound Recordings, our sound engineer was Andrei Tomashenko, this man was a professional in his field and he did a good job. Although he wanted to make better sound and more modern, we asked him to make the sound like In Metallica and Behemoth groups in one bottle, we wanted to achieve the most aggressive sound on a standard guitar system, in fact we did what we wanted. 


6 - The band has influences from the old school of death metal but also has a lot presence of thrash old too.  Which bands have influenced to AETERNUS PROPHET music? 

We were influenced by such bands as Behemoth, Metallica, Kreator, Slipknot, Rammstein, AC / DC, Slayer, Belphegor, Mayhem, Burzum, Russian heavy metal bands - Aria, August, Kipelov, but at the moment we are inspired by funeral doom metal, raw  black metal, such groups as - Funeral, Black Funeral, Coffins, Ahab, Ufomammut , Xasthur , Anti , Abyssic Hate , P.H.O.B.O.S.  Deathspell Omega , Exordium , we are dont play music like bands what I call - but this bands are our inspiration .) 

7 - How is the composition process? Who makes the lyrics and music? What is the inspiration for make the letters?  

The guitarist Oberon writes melodies and writes lyrics, I throw up many ideas for the lyrics, but I don’t write the lyrics, then we write the rhythm of the part to the melodies, and the instrumental component is composed. The inspiration to serve us is everything that surrounds us in our city, there is an atmosphere of hatred, and for musicians including, many people kill themselves under the influence of this atmosphere, but we find a way out in music.


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8 - Why was the title "Exclusion of non-nominated material" chosen and what is the concept of the album?

The concept of the album is this: you have to fight to the end, this is the philosophy of social struggle and confrontation between people, and also in the texts of this album they gave the idea that the main mass media zombies people and they go with the flow without creative and lack of their individualism. 

9 - Who made the artwork or cover-art? it is very special and has many messages 

The first sketch was drawn by me, the drummer of the group, I gave the artist an idea of what the general concept of the drawing should be, then he brought it to professionalism. The idea of a new Inquisition is inherent in this sketch: religion both tormented people in the Middle Ages and keeps people in chains in the 21st century until now.

10 - Can you tell us what others project have the band members out AETERNUS PROPHET? 

No , we dont play in other project , I was play in other group on drumms , but I left her.

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12- How do you see the Ukrainian extreme metal scene today? 

The Ukrainian metal and black metal scene is already known beyond its borders, many groups have reached international scale, but in Ukraine itself the metal industry is poorly developed, and there are no labels and theme festivals for groups. Here are the bands that you probably know -Khors , Kroda ,  Drudkh , Nokturnal Mortum , Jinjer . There many other bands - but they keep their status - underground , some bands want to go from underground but its some impossible - cause there is abyss - there is bad job of the labels.  

13 - How is a AETERNUS PROPHET recital? How is that brutal dark ceremony? 

Yes, it’s dark ceremony , we love Mayhem’s group, somewhere we try to be like them, but still we don’t have an idea to be a copy of any group, neither in terms of sounding nor in terms of the show, we want to be individual 

14 - Thanks again for make this interview with us and sharing it with all South American people of extreme metal..!! We hope that someday AETERNUS PROPHET play concert in Argentina. A brutal Salute to Ukraine from Here.!!! 

Thank you very much for interview , thank you to all new and old fans , Show must go on , STAY METAL ! (Dessident)


Aeternus Prophet - "Uncaused Defacement"



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