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Once again we went to Oslo, Norway, in this case to meet the grindcore band TOTTAL TØMMING who a few days ago published their new and second album entitled "Tankeskrekk". We spoke to Morten Müller (vocals) about this new album who also tells us about the fun and crazy universe inside TOTTAL TØMMING.

1 – Greetings from Argentina Morten and thanks for reply our questions friend... !!

Greeting right back at you from Norway!! Thanks for having me!

2 – First tell us about the beginnings of TOTTAL TØMMING, how was it created?

Tottal Tømming was created as Jon Eirik Bokn, John Espen Sagstad and myself were enjoying a couple of beers along with the then new album by Napalm Death, Utilitarian, on the TROLLFEST tour bus. The year was 2015, and the place was Houston, Texas. We were laughing our asses off to the amazingly crazy and funny energy that Napalm Death provides, and we were, like many times before, drawn to the conclusion that “dude, we have to start a band like this!”. That’s been quite a common thing to discuss when lightly inebriated and in high spirits, but this time it felt so genuin to me that I had to seize the opportunity. We collectively let ourselves loose and came up with a bunch of songtitles, lyrical themes and characters on the spot. It truly felt like a great creative and free flowing moment! When I came home from the tour, I immediately starting writing the songs for “Schtøgg Skive”.

3 - How is TOTTAL TØMMING line-up today?

Drums - Pelle Peddal/Jon Eirik Bokn (Trollfest, Dead Trooper, Breed, Venus Flycatchers, Metal Militia)

Bass - Harry Harley/Atle Sjørengen (Wyruz, Aleister Kane)

Guitar - Benny Brekk/Alexander Klæboe (Shot At Dawn)

Guitar - Carl/Christopher Marchand (Shot At Dawn, Carburetors, Damien, The Cult Of Destiny)

Vocals - Sigrid Vollgraven/Morten R. Müller (x-Trollfest, Death Injector, Bog Studios, Manhunter, Dead Trooper, Metal Militia, x-Grimfist)

Extra bass - Øystein/Birger Larsen (Dead Trooper, Metal Militia, Trollfest)

Sologuitar - Mæx Feedback/John Espen Sagstad (Trollfest, x-Sarkom, Pantheon I, Metal Militia)



"Schtøgg skive" - 2019

Ampliar Imagen




"Tankeskrekk" - 2020

Ampliar Imagen

4 - This month TOTTAL TØMMING released their new album “Tankeskrekk” (“thought horror” in English) ; Can you tell us about it? Does it keeps the sound of the debut album "Schtøgg skive"? (I have had the privilege of listening to it but you better tell it…)

Yes, the album was out everywhere on Sept 7th! I think it’s fair to let the fans decide how different from our debut Tankeskrekk really is. Personally, I love listening to it, and I think it sounds like a lot of fun. Jon Eirik Bokn’s drums this time around is an absolute creamy, wet dream to listen to. He has truly delivered remarkably!! I also think my vocal delivery is a bit more maniacal and a tad more honey sweet than last time around.

5 - What lyrical inspirations has Tottal Tømming and who writes them?

I write most of the lyrics, although I try to involve other people as well, since I am literally surrounded by brilliant wordsmiths! Birger Larsen wrote the lyrics for “Bunnslumskrapr”, and our lovely stalker-fan Kjetil Gulbrandsen put together the words for “Du Ække Enkli Ånkli Sjuk”, our fan-made song!

Generally we write and sing about various mental challenges that many people go through on a daily basis. We’re talking anxiety, depression and general insecurities. Also, the many ways human societies tend to try and mold us to fit in with sterile and generally boring frameworks is frequently visited! We are a humorous band, however, and we try to make some fun out of all of this. We all suffer from time to time, and being human can be quite miserable. Tottal Tømming is about getting a break from all that and just having a wonderful cathartic release! Let it all hang out, let your inner child out for a short while and just exist!

6 - All of them are in Norwegian language and - Will it always be like this?

Yes, it will always be like this, mainly. But can we flirt with other languages? Yes, of course! In this band, you can’t go wrong!

7 - I want you to tell me how a strange song was born like "Lukten Av (Gars) Dagens Rett and" Estúpido y loco " its title in Spanish, because when I heard it I felt at home (he he he he )

“Lukten” was created with some drum loops i downloaded for free from who knows where. It’s a really old one. I just went for it wanting to do something different. It is a result of pure purging and playfulness. Also, I snatched the lyrics from a Norwegian poet called Anuspoeten. I am glad you like “Loco”! :D That is our first song that’s not in Norwegian. Dilson Xavier from Argentina does some guest vocals on it, and he also helped me a tiny bit with the lyrics. Check out Dilson’s music here:

8 - Who created the crazy album cover art?

A guy from Korea, Youn Jae Lee made the cover art. He is absolutely brilliant! You can check out his profile on artstation here:

9 - What formats will be available “Tankeskrekk “?

Digital, Cassette and Vinyl Lp!

Everything can be ordered from here:



Tottal Tømming - Her Kommer Enda En Dag (official video)


10 - When listening to incredibly beastly songs like “Lille Stille Psykkopat”, I wonder myself - What bands have influenced your brutal sound? (Because I also feel some essence of death metal, Punk and Hardcore in addition to grindcore music)

Yeah, we have influences all over the place. We don’t really think about what kind of genre the songs shall be in. But generally, it has to sound mad and fast. Madly fast. Fastly mad! But I, speaking as the main songwriter (self-pat on my back), am a fan of all those genres you mentioned, so yes. All of the above.

11 - How is the grindcore scene in Norway today?

Not too shabby! We have BEATEN TO DEATH, of course. They might be the biggest grind band in Norway at the time. They play melodic grindcore, really cool. Then you have MAKKMAT from Stavanger?!?! They are way dirty. Really fast and nasty. Other than those two, I can’t really think of any more bands that are pure grind right of the bat. But there are several beautiful acts lurking in the underground, like DRITTMASKIN, D

12 – Tell us what it's like to see a TOTTAL TØMMING crazy concert?

Hopefully a lot of free flowing fun. A lot of beards and glasses. Five adults acting beautifully like children.

13 - How is the Covid-19 situation there? Can't do a concert yet?

I am not totally aware of the current situation, but I think you can play show for no more than 50 or 200 people, depending on the size of the venue. The audience must be 1m apart from each other all the time. It sucks, but I don’t think it’s fair to take any chances. We just have to be patient and focus on all the fun stuff we CAN do, like live streaming. The potential there is huge!

14 - Do you have another project or bands outside TOTTAL TØMMING ?

Yes. I have a Youtube channel called Bog Studios, where I do Metallica songs in the style of MESHUGGAH, mostly. There is also a Metallica tribute band called METAL MILITIA, in which I act kinda like James Hetfield. I might be part of some old revival soon, but who knows… My doom/stoner band, MANHUNTER, might also release some new stuff in the future, and I have a monstrous project coming up, kinda like a mix between NEUROSIS and MESHUGGAH. I also write music with my wife, some really weird, heavy stuff.

Metal Militia:

Bog Studios:


15 - Thanks again for your time and I want to ask you a few words for the South American metalheads .. !!

Thank you so much for your time, I really appreciate it! I wish I was there playing for every crazy South American metalhead, it’s been way too long. Hope to see you soon!! Stay mad and free!




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