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SVARTGHAST - "Perdition" - 2020 - (Dusktone)


SVARTGHAST was born in 2017 when feature members of SETHERIAL and THE CITADEL joined forces to create a symphonic black metal act with old school roots. SVARTGHAST's riffs are powerful, catchy and revive the fire of those glorious 90's of Swedish black metal with freshness of today. There are 8 tracks in this release with a duration of 38 minutes where the listener will be able to let their imagination fly through cold forests, dark and apocalyptic visions.

The first song is the name given to this album, “Perdition” begins with a somber piano arpeggio (remind us of the film The Exorcist from 1973), orchestral bases will quickly be added and everything will be thrown into a supreme black metal…! Arriving at minute 03:00, the track makes a change and becomes a darker and more brutal spectrum.

"Into The Void" is rests on very symphonic bases, it is increasing in intensity and the orchestrations will be very protagonists in the way of LIMBONIC ART. The demonic voices alternate between bass - treble and the ending will fade over your atmosphere.

With aggressiveness and feeling of the golden 90's he starts “Beyond The Veil Of Mist”, the longest song on this album, memorable rhythms with incessant vertigo, and also reminds of bands like DARK FUNERAL (old) averaging the second half. The work on the double vocals is very efficient and everything sounds flawless, evidencing a great production here as in the entire album. It is a true tribute to the darkness of yesteryear and one of the best songs of this debut.

In fourth place comes "The Black Wraith Acends" with its terrifying atmosphere, a sinister instrumental that looks like the soundtrack of some dark movie.

The enigmatic first sounds of “On Dark Wings They Soar” are reminiscent of songs like “Towards The Phanteon” by EMPEROR from In The Nigthside…., But then it will take a turn towards DIMMU BORGIR and like a huge beast, the song will expel its infernal fury. The track will go through many well thought out changes and its melodies are magnificent. Again the golden age of Swedish Black metal is represented here.

The most ruthless start is for "The Presage Of Eternal Fire" that explodes in our eardrums and will have an epic and majestic exit in its transit.

The orchestrations begin again "The Fall Of The First", the most symphonic and calm song of this debut. Nostalgic and soulful, with a successful guitar solo and a clean voice like the tenor of a classical opera. A jewel for us.

Have they saved the best for last? It's not easy to be sure of this, but “Luciferian Dawn” was the first single to be released before this debut full-length, with the essence of SETHERIAL and it's a perfect ending to this impeccable album by the Swedish duo.

More than a debut album, "Perdition" seems like a consecrated album by a band with decades of existence. The union between Choronzon (Göran Setitus) and Azazel (Erik Sjögren) is not a minor thing, and it was cause - consequence for SVARTGHAST can build a quality black metal, powerful and elegant.The record also with the special invitation of Memnock (ABYSSIC) and Mishbar Bovmeph (MEPHORASH) doing additional voices.

The cover art is a painting by the Hungarian artist Mihály Zichy titled “A kísértetek órája” which means something like “The Hour of the Ghosts” painted in the late 1800s.

The album was released through Dusktone on November 27 on Digipack CD + booklet , 12"LP black vinyl, 12" LP limited edition colored vinyl and digital format.


Fabio Z.


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